Bronx, NY

Mixed media artist, Luis Clemente takes pride in his Puerto Rican heritage.

His love for the culture of his homeland is often depicted in Luis’s creative work, which is presented through a variety of surfaces and art materials. Combining cardboard, yarn, and furniture with paint, Luis explores his passions through paintings that assert his own individual identity.

“I like working with paint, acrylic-based paint marker, and sharpie,” says Luis. “I like the way the materials look on canvas.”

Luis’s earliest artistic endeavors were accomplished through the use of Artistic Realization Technologies, (A.R.T.) a technique for creating artwork in which an artist with a disability works with a person whose support role is to communicate with the artist to learn about their choices during the art-making process. Using nonverbal cues, the artist directs the creative process from start to finish, communicating their choices using a laser pointer that is either worn as a headband or held in the artist’s hand. Since becoming a part of ArTech Collective, Luis has been creating his artwork independently.

“Most of my work is abstract, but I have done a few portraits,” says Luis. “Art is important because it is a way for me to express myself.”

Luis doesn’t let any challenge get in the way of his creativity and always finds a way to make the work he envisions.

Mixed Medium Art

Table Top

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