Bronx, NY

Since his childhood Christian Forbes has drawn inspiration from popular media, absorbing storytelling tropes, studying the visual styles used in his favorite genre, science fiction. Giant monsters, robots, and fantasy characters capture his imagination, and Christian uses these influences to create new stories, bringing a great sense of humor to his work.

 “I have been doing comics for a few years,” says Christian, whose unique perspective and playful approach to creating artwork brings laughter to the ArTech Studio.  “I draw at home too,” he adds.

Christian’s view of the world around him is also informed from various trips he has made to exotic locales, such as the Middle East, Fiji, Australia, the Karen Islands, Jamaica, and Trinidad. His journeys have enabled Christian to observe a variety of cultures and customs, adding to his visual vocabulary.

Having developed his own graphic style over the years, Christian creates numerous graphic works, drawing comic books, gag strips, and adaptations of his favorite adventure movies.  Christian’s dream as an artist is to make more art and sell it.

Comic Book – Mission Stellar

Digital Renderings




The Other Art Fair Brooklyn, November 2019

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