Kemba Olivache (1981), is a self-taught artist from Brooklyn, New York. Kemba, who expresses her emotions and state of being through her art, sometimes rocks to the music as she creates. Other times she weeps, bringing a heartfelt sensibility to her themes. Her work incorporates a cast of characters and the connections she feels to them.

While her artwork has become more technically advanced and stylized, Kemba‚Äôs daily disposition dictates the piece’s medium, color, linework, style, and overall mood. Her need to write her name and the date across the top of each piece she begins, Kemba develops each of her character subjects with the same rudimentary treatment, drawing a circle for the head, adding the arms, fingers, legs, toes, eyes, nose, lips, hair, then the lips, hair, and skin tone.)  Each work emits a particular mood – a memory – a moment captured.


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