Rayed Mohamed, born in 1986, is a self–taught artist who currently resides in Staten Island where he lives with his family. Rayed, along with his family are immigrants to the US from Yemen, arriving in the US in 1990. He has no formal art education although from time to time he would attend a program in Yemen when the family returned to his country for a visit.

Throughout his life, Rayed has always been attracted to drawing and visual creations. When he is asked what he is drawing he simply replies, “ I am drawing” and quickly returns with an innate ability to hyper-focus on the work he is creating. It is unclear whether Rayed understands the question, or perhaps is giving the most authentic answer there is. His brother reports Rayed is always drawing, and he seems to enjoy spending time in solitude with his creations.

He produces pieces that bring out different responses in the person perceiving his work which is what makes it unique and usual.



The Other Art Fair Brooklyn, July 2021

“How Are You” MoMA Cullman Education Center

Joseph E. Yoakum “What I Saw” MoMA, November 2021-March 2022

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