I’m Tom Gambaro and I was born in 1993. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. My father’s family is from Italy and my mother’s family is from Puerto Rico and Ireland. But we are very Americanized aside from celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

I like to make sculptures. Since I was 8, I have used clay. I started with regular clay, then I used “Model Magic” and finally Sculpey. I use aluminum foil to shape the body of the sculptures and tools to smoothen the clay parts. Finally, I use clay to make a base for the sculpture to stand.

What inspires me is even when things get difficult, I remember to stay positive and use my imagination.

Ever since I was 4, the magic of Disney has inspired me. Whether it’s cartoons, like Mickey Mouse and Donald duck, movies like Bambi, Jungle Books, and 101 Dalmatians, or shows like Winnie the Pooh, they all taught me that anything is possible. So, whenever I make art, it makes me feel like anything is possible.

Whether I work on my sculpting desk or my grandmother’s backyard, I like to take time to do my art alone. While doing my art, I feel focused. My other passions are performing my music, acting, and writing songs. I hope to get into animation and entertainment one day.


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