Bronx, NY

Abraham (Abe) Roberts is a self-taught designer, painter, and poet.

I want to combine technology with fashion,” says Abraham, whose aim as a designer has been making fashion accessible for people with physical disabilities.

Everything that is a design element in a piece of clothing should serve a purpose and make sense. For example, I would love to create sneakers that would open or close by pressing a button.

The visual elements of Abe’s designs come from his love for sports. He says the logo that appears on his clothing designs was inspired by the speed and velocity of a meteor hitting the ground.

With regard to his painting, he says,

I am learning Mandarin because I love to merge cultural influences to keep ideas fresh. Chinese characters are a work of art. I also love Marshall arts and I am a fan of Bruce Lee. I visually re-interpreted Jeetkundo into a painting as a tribute to him.”

Abe draws inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe, Tupac Shakur, and Bruce Lee. Abe’s personal experiences inform his poetry. “What I see, what I feel, and what goes on inside of me is what I express,” he says.

Fashion Designs


Chess Piece

Chess Piece

I know who I am
I know my place
I know my importance

The Chess Board is my Castle
Without me there is no order
Without me there is no protector
Without me there is no strategy

I watch over my board
I anticipate and adapt to any situation
And I glide with ease

Who I am?

Well, I am your Queen.

Ask and Pray

I ask and I pray
I ask and I pray
To those who I love and trust the most
To support me in my journey
To improve my understanding of the world
To improve my balance, place and importance
So I can guide and eclipse any storm
Obscuring my light

I Am

I am from the Bronx, born and raised
Home of Yankee Stadium and the Bronx Zoo
Where we have street vendors that sell dirty dogs and salty pretzels
We put relish on our hotdogs – ketchup and mustard too
You can see cracks on the sidewalk and graffiti on the walls
Graffiti reminding me of the streets I came from and where I want to go
Where hip-hop first started – makes you wanna spit bars and breakdance
Pop Lock Jive
The sound of the diesel engine coming from the 28 bus replaces my alarm clock
I hear the sounds of pigeons chirping – I know it’s time to start my day
On the 28 bus people cut me off
People aren’t hospitable
In the Bronx only the strong survive
and I am the strongest.

Just Like a Cat

Just like a cat, I search for a place to call my own.

Just like a cat, I learn from my environment.

Just like a cat, I find ways to survive my day.

Just like a cat, always eager for adventure; improving my understanding of the world; understanding myself

Just like a cat, I take advantage of my quiet solitude

Yes, just like a cat, I find balance with those I trust and love the most.


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