Bronx, NY

Diego Francica emigrated from Argentina to Bronx, NY when he was a boy. 

I have been making art since I was thirteen,” he says.

Since his younger years, pop culture has indelibly changed Diego’s life, helping him to learn to speak English and introducing him to the heroes that he celebrates through his comics, videos, and illustrations. Taking inspiration from Michael J. Fox and Adam West to the Ninja Turtles and Full House, Diego has reimagined his own life through the stories he loves the most.

Diego also gained quite a bit of knowledge about animation at Hostos Community College with classes from Professor, Andy London, where he learned to create stop-motion animated videos by modifying clay models for frame-by-frame photography.

 “My dream is to be an animator and working with people in an animation studio.”

Comic Book – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Comic Book – Back to the Future

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