Manhattan, NY

Gaby Ramirez’s love of anime was handed down to her by her father.

As a self-taught mangaka who creates manga with styles inspired by specific Japanese animation studios, Gaby works under the nom de plume, Puella Comico.

I am a huge fan of Studio Ghibli as well as Studio Mir. I like to hang out at my favorite Japanese manga book store, Kinokuniya at Bryant Park. That’s where I like to get ideas and draw inspiration from.

I like to draw my inspiration for new characters in my artwork from previously-known characters in my favorite manga.

Sometimes the characters I draw inspiration from make appearances with my original characters.

Fascinated by ‘crossovers’ between her favorite programs, series’ and games, Gabby has created a number of comics in which she has remixed old classics, introduced new characters and weaved in new stories of her heroes’ children.

Comic Book – Brothers of the Crane

Comic Book – Guardians of the Two Worlds

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